Many people love the way a drone flies and wants to do many things from it. But there are many who want to take nice pictures and record videos from a distance. These flying drones are best for these needs. If you are also one of those then the XIAOMI Mi Drone 4K suites the best. It has all the functionality that is required and will surely make it possible to take wide camera angles from the distance above.

Here are some of the things that make this drone handier.

Rotating 4K 3-axis camera: The camera gives a transmission of 4km and video quality of 3840X2160p. The camera revolves around 3 different axis, which makes it possible to take pictures and record from any angle. With the high-quality lens, the pictures give more realistic output and the videos are more enriched. With the rotating camera, the shooting is cleanly done from the front, back, up and down. This makes this RC Toys more reliable and user-friendly to use. With just using the camera one can take pictures as they want because this baby really rotates as the user wants it to be.

360-degree surrounding flight: There are many high or low places which are hard to reach. This is where this drone becomes reachable. It not only reaches there but with 360-degree rotation takes the pictures or record the video. For those who love to take wildlife photos this drone is ideal for them. If there is a party in the backyard then this flying machine will surely do a cool trick. Just adjust the height and leave everything to it. Later watch the pictures or videos and enjoy those moments again.

Plan the position: The route spot position planning is one of the best ways of making the drone fly in specific area or position. Just make a map route of the flying position and the drone will fly in only that line. Even if the drone has to turn then it will do automatically and the user does not have to worry about it. These types of things are mostly used by professionals but a normal person can also perform it.

Full function remote: The remote is very stable and lightweight with removable batteries. It’s like a game controller but more effective to control the drone. There is also a one-button recall function which makes it easy to get the drone back in perfect condition.

Mobile Application usage: To make the drone more user-friendly there is a mobile app for it. Just download the app and make this drone fully controllable.  With the use of the app, there is not much need of the remote. One can say that the app is friendlier than the remote controller.