When it comes to aerial photography then now everyone looks for a drone with a camera. For a professional photographer, any kind of drone is not suitable for this kind of purpose. The drone has to fulfill the not only common requirement but should also have a powerful camera. Not all drones can fulfill everything but still, there is one drone the upair one plus which has all the needful features. The camera quality of this drone is really amazing and much superior to any other cameras.

Let’s put some limelight of its features:


  1. Camera Quality: The camera is having a 16MP 4K HD camera which is much more beneficial for aerial photos. The camera is also having a rotation feature which allows taking pictures with different angles. The professional photographers never like a photo with only one angle and this aerial photography drone will surely do what a person wants. The lens is of top quality and certainly will provide good pictures. The camera is not limited to taking pictures but one can also take high-quality videos. Keep the memories closer from aerial shooting or from distance.
  2. Point to point Function: This is a wonderful function that is not available in many drones. Just set the route points and set a map for the drone. Leave everything to the drone as it will fly from the set point and will likely to move along the points which are suggested. Once the route is set then there is no need to worry about it. The drone will fly and get all the pictures if you want.
  3. Nice remote controller: With the looks, the remote controller looks like it’s a normal one but it’s having more deliberate buttons. There is also a mobile phone holder and this makes this controller more interesting. The controller is not having too many buttons that make a person fuzzy. The head mode is also intact so that the user can maintain the drone easily.
  1. Low battery and out of range mode: With the intelligent return features, this drone makes sure that it is never lost out of sight. Even if the battery is depleting then also the drone will return back to the person holding the controller. Also if the drone is in the blink of getting out of range then it will come back into the range. This is one smart technology that will keep the drone in the range area.

There are many features of this drone like follow me, which follows the person where ever they are going. It’s a wonderful concept with addable technological features. This drone is pure refreshment for professionals but also a normal person will enjoy it more.