Looking for a crossover with all wheel drive capability? We want you to make the best decision so consider our picks!There are few qualities that define a crossover like being built on chassis that are based on passenger cars and almost all wheel drive versions.

They provide better fuel economy and the AWD capabilities allow drivers the option to use their vehicle in ways that a car could never perform while still maintaining style and comfort of the vehicle.

The maintenance and installation of auto body parts of such vehicles is also not a complex thing and are easily available on any online auto parts store.

As the crossovers have become a great mix of functionality, style and power, they have better fuel economy than vehicles of yester years. Here in this article, you will find crossovers that are almost above average or got high scores in terms of off road capabilities, size, price or driving experience.

Volkswagen Atlas

Volkswagen may have been suffering from huge consumer backlash after forging safety tests scandal in US but its 2018 Atlas model has been ranked 1 out of 19 midsize SUVs. Atlas is really giving hard competition to its counterparts because of huge cargo space and spacious seating especially in the third row.

Atlas will be available in both front and all wheel drive transmission mode so for abundance of cargo space, go for it!

Subaru Outback

The 2017 Subaru outback has class leading cargo capacity, excellent passenger space and well built, durable cabin that makes it a good for the families on the go.

Subaru vehicles are famous for having adventurous and non conformist persona.

A 175 HP 2.5litre flat four powers all four wheels. With improved ground clearance and over 71 cubic feet of cargo space outback is available in six different trim levels.

Its pros include roomy interior and back seat, best in class cargo capacity and it has good capability to stay in control in slippery roads. So if you happen to be native of a rainy region, it would be good option for you to consider!

An available active safety bundle includes pre collision braking, cruise control and lane keeping assist features. With base price $35870 buyers have choice between 2.4 Litre four cylinder boxer engines and a 3.5 litre engine.

But outback doesn’t offer a third row seat like some other similar crossovers. It has also introduced Subaru Eyesight that adds reverse automatic braking and automatic high beams features for driver’s safety on the road. It has already got four stars in crash test so no need to worry!

Jeep Compass

Are you interested in crossover that is both comfortable and affordable? Then you should add Jeep Compass in your consideration list. The new jeep compass has been made more comfortable and enjoyable to drive on streets and roads.

Space wise, the compass lies between Jeep’s smaller renegade and larger Cherokee. Inside of compass remains relatively same compared to previous versions and being a low end Jeep you probably shouldn’t expect too much compared to other crossovers. It also provides combination of upscale and spacious cabin with certain off road capabilities.

Though the 2.4 Litre engine is still not that compelling as its other counterparts in the new compass model but overall driving experience has improved a lot.

For the redesigned 2017 compass, there are four trim levels. The Sport trim has features like cloth seats equipped in the interior and 16 inch wheels; it’s one of the more affordable compact crossover SUVs. So for smoother ride and large cabin, Jeep compass won’t disappoint you!

Nissan Juke

Nissan juke’s surprising amount of power and performance make it one of the best performing crossovers especially in North America.

Nissan juke is a compact crossover that looks like it is representing royalty itself. It’s out beat styling may turn some potential buyers away but its sportiness and unique persona is a breath of fresh air in a crowded crossover market. The juke is available with 1.6 Litre turbocharged direct injection four cylinder that produces 188 horsepower and 177 ft lb of torque to all wheel drive’s 3200 pounds.

The major features of this crossover include potent turbocharged engine, athletic handling, rough ride quality, heated seats that come standard in SV trim.

Nissan offers three different performance modes- Normal, Sport, Eco. The juke vehicle starts at $19500 and can be equipped with add ons that will put you around $23000. Nissan auto parts have the reputation of being reliable and durable so you can trust this little crossover.

Porsche Cayenne

Now you will think Porsche? But yes, Porsche has designed Cayenne in such a way that it is a spicy mix of luxury, off road ability and sports car performance. As an AWD crossover, Cayenne is not one of the most luxurious one.

The base model has a 300 HP V-6; the S makes 420 HP and the GTS makes 440 HP, both from a twin turbo 3.6 Litre V-6. There is also a hybrid model.

All models have eight speeds automatic and all wheel drive capabilities. A leather lined cabin infotainment with navigation makes comes standard as a comfort feature.

It comes with a torque vectoring system to deliver power to the wheels most in need. By default 60 percent of engine’s power goes to rear wheels and 40 percent to the front.

If you are looking for luxury, speed and versatility then where will you find such crazy combination? Porsche Cayenne will just be your show stopper.

Mazda CX-9

if you are one of those auto lovers who want a little fun behind the wheel while driving in comfort ability, then don’t forget that Mazda is there for you with its CX-9 model.

Though it doesn’t have the most powerful engine in the class, and it has a bit less cargo room than its competitors but The Mazda CX-9’s crisp handling, well sorted chassis and willing turbocharged engine make it a potential driver’s choice. The cabin is less spacious than those of its rivals competitiors, but Mazda makes up for it with a graceful interior design and polish that truly feels a class above.

CX-9 is a solid choice for the vast majority of buyers. Fuel economy is above average for the class, and the engine has sufficient power for city driving.

A 250 HP turbocharged 2.5 Litre four cylinder engine replaces the first generation V6 and fuel efficiency is vastly improved.

Again the optional AWD system has a torque splitting feature similar to other crossovers and eight inches of ground clearance will come handy. With the second row up the CX-9 provides just over 48 cubic feet of cargo space but if you fold the seats it can expand over 100 cubic feet.

If you are looking for heavy and cargo and towing capability then don’t go for this one. It has enough room in the third room for the adults to fit in comfortably. So as a family car and comfort ability, Mazda CX-9 may become a good choice.

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