There are certainly many Drones out there but they also get damaged once they fall down. The HappyCow 777 382 are the safest and anti-crash drone which is suitable for flying. When a drone gets damaged then it’s a lot of cash that just got wasted. If you love drones and still having a hard time to think about the damages then this drone is just for you. The drone is having a hard net around it, even if falls down then also there is no damage. A drone certainly falls down because the battery depletes or the person is not called it back on time. Here in this drone, the safety measures are already there and this makes it the best drone out there. 

Vivid interesting features of this anti-crash drone:

  1. Charging time: Most of the drone takes much time to juice up. Also, there are people who charge the drone for a full night and still it takes much time in the morning to charge up. This drone only takes 30 minutes to get all charged up and the working time is 4 minutes. A person does not have to wait all day or night for fill the juice in this one and enjoy it furthermore.
  1. Functions: This RC Quadcopter is having all the basic and trendy functions that are in a drone. It can fly sideways, Back and front, 3D flipping and much more. It’s a total bundle of enjoyment that everyone likes in there drone. There are 4 channels in this drone which gives it stability and control while flying. The headless mode is great to control the drone and make it work like a user wants.
  1. Indoor flying: This is one drone which is good for indoor flying. It is surrounded by nets and there will be no damage to any of its main parts. Everything is packed nicely, so if even the drone crashes or touches the walls it will still be in a good condition.
  1. Remote controller: The controller is quite simple and trendy. It surely has all the basic functions that are needed in a drone remote. Not heavy in weight and even kids can easily play with it. For beginners this drone is quite handy and the remote is full functioned.

Few important tips:

Before utilizing it read the instructions carefully. Never overcharge it, as it will decrease the battery life. When changing the batteries or making any upgrade use only genuine parts. Once the drone is fallen push the throttle button, this will make sure that the motor is unharmed. This drone is not good for rains thus, make a rain check before flying.