Evolution of human intelligence has given up the stress of physical allocation in the world of the computer. Now the logical distribution has taken up the responsibility of serving the human population. Space has grown beyond the wildest imagination, and physical space has lost its dominance. All this had asked the world to access unlimited materials in the form of books, music, software, and movies. In its progress Torrent Stream has earned a reputation by mobilizing the files downloads by a whisker. Actually, you do not feel that you are reaching out to the world. Rather the entire knowledge of information from the different areas is just waiting at your doorsteps. You are clicking, and tons of data is waiting to meet your expectations.

You save time in download only after the research

To serve the unlimited number of users, there are a quite number of the downloader. If one is not used Folx for the purpose, then one surely wasting time in doing research to get a reliable downloader. Each downloader had specialized in some particular area in handling files and customization. After investing time in your research, you reach a point where you would definitely realize Folx supports torrents from trackers and also magnet links.”

How Folx if the most efficient torrent downloader

The Folx take care of amazing downloading by

  • Setting priorities for the tas
  • Downloading and Uploading Speed are properly regulated either by the user manually of relieving the user it is automatically taken care. The optimization of speed would surely excite its user.
  • It also supports which comes from the trackers.
  • Magnet link which facilitates BitTorrent content is also a prime feature.
  • The downloading time can be planned by the user at his convenience. The following task after downloading can be directed to the application.
  • Videos and music can be automatically added to the playlist of iTunes.
  • Login and Password are preserved
  • Download videos from YouTube with required format.

Special features in the PRO

Along with the free downloader, Folx Offers a PRO version. Under the PRO version, the user need not bother about the multiple trackers to search out the torrents. Where ever the torrent files are hosted in the trackers Folx PRO get them for its user. The user can concentrate on their job rather than on the “download torrent.”